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Our team are experts in logistics, transporation, sales and negotiations

Import / Export EU – RUSSIA

You have a product.

We have a strategy.

We provide reliable transportation from/to Russia

We are 10 years in business

We choose optimal logistics channels depending on requirements and specifics of goods

We keep our prices at market level but give you extra value

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B2B Sales

Our sales devision is focused on outdoor and tactical equipment

We cooperate with many brands in Europe such as: Helikon-Tex, Max-Fuchs, Brandit, Miltec, Carinthia

We have ready solutions with products to be delivered to any region of Russia

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Amazon Marketplace

We sell on Amazon too. More than 3 years. We know the hiden stones and rules of the game

You are existing seller or planning to start? This section is for you

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World is changing. New opportunities come daily.

You have a project or an idea?

We discuss and negotiate with you how we can combine our strengths and opportunities to help you to succeed.

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Some of Our Amazing Customers

We are proud to collaborate with both getting the word out as well as experienced innovative brands!


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We are open for new opportunities

We value people, time and information.

Good connections drive projects more wisely, sharing of an information save time.

Collaboration is a key to success.

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